CW background

Creative Wellness Australia

Janis is an art and wellbeing professional with experience in visual and performing arts, education, community cultural development, textiles and design, both in Australia and internationally.

Our Values

• An inclusive person-centred approach
• Respect for others
• Commitment to people
• Empathy
• Integrity
• A safe and secure space for sharing creativity

Some of my favourite quotes


“Shlonak?’ What’s your colour?

An Arab, how are you, greeting used widely in the Gulf countries. Colour is a gauge of our feelings, both individually and culturally, in the way we put it together and in our reactions to the way others do.

Your Journey

“The act of writing down our goals, dreams, desires and wishes can help make them real. And the journey of moving forward will inspire new art or projects, even if those pieces are only designed to document our lives.

Art & Life

“Find your own palette, sense of self. Work within it. Make it yours so when others see that combination, they think of you, your essence, your style, your soul.


“Mother Nature offers a wide assortment of symbols that can be used to represent change: an unfolding flower, the growth of a tree, a baby bird leaving its nest, geese flying south and even the changing seasons.

“Arts for positive change…”